Tales of Turds – DocuCast Series


Ear Warp Podcast presents our new DocuCast Series – Tales of Turds.

Plopping up from the BOWELS of the human experience Tales of Turds is an enthralling collection of personal encounters with turds, poops, dooks, mookie stinks, fudge dragons, pamper pies, stools, hockey, mud turtles, you get the idea.

We start the series with 4 episodes that feature Kickstand, a man with many, many horrifying yet gripping Tales of Turds. Caring for the mentally challenged left him strained, flushed and wiped out. Must be why that career went…down the drain…100% true experiences with football sized turds, blue jean pooping protests and uncooked hot dog treats from the sweatpants pocket of a poo obsessed gentleman start the series off with a blast. A scatter-blast! 

Soon we will start accepting listener submissions to be featured in what we kind of hope the first ever crowd-sourced collection of what are sure to literally be the crappiest stories ever told. If you have a good story, we want to hear it! And the world NEEDS to hear it! So that people everywhere don’t have to feel alone with their tales of turd terror. Stay posted for information on how to submit your Tales of Turds to be included in the DocuCast.

Available on the usual Ear Warp Podcast page and as a standalone series here.


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