Episode 7.11.19 – Ear Warp Podcast

Ear Warp Podcast has just released Episode 7.11.19.

It is titled AfroFuture makes us slaves to ticket prices. Growing meat from seeds.

AfroFuture Fest KOs decades of progress with race based ticket prices. Tiny Jag was supposed to preform but refused to participate after discovering that members of her family would be charged different prices based on their race. This disregard for common sense has made the city of Detroit even uglier.

How would they know anyway? Ask for ID before you can come in and participate like an “acceptable race”? I’m pretty sure that Germany taught us all we need to know about getting too caught up in on racial pride.

Plant based meat products. Lawless decided to sample some Beyond Meat products. Turns out it’s definitely not meat but the jury is still out on whether or not it is indeed a food.

After the recent world changing revelation of flat earth, there should be no more absurd realities to question right? NOT SO FAST! Now we get to ask an equally exhausting question.

Can meat grow from a seed? Sure, you know it’s ripe when it turns vegan. Though cannibalistic I can assure you they are harmless.

Initial research into the product revealed what hopefully it quite clear to all but sadly is not… Search Google for Beyond Meat. Check out these suggestions just for typing the word beyond.

I’m not saying that this is not typical but standard with anything intended to be lowest common denominator. These “LCD” are helpless to buy into bullshit and talk about it as if they are experts on a subject.

If you’re going to be dumb, you gotta be tough… But if you’re gonna be lame, you gotta be rich. These things are overpriced for a reason and it alone is the very thing keeping America great EVERY DAY FOREVER.